Buying a Business in Scotland

Whether you are buying a business in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK our business brokers are at hand to provide you with professional guidance throughout the entire process.

At Jacob & Jones we know that buying a business in Scotland is not always an easy process, which is why we’ve tried to make it as simple and stress-free for you as possible. Our experienced brokers will take you through the process from identifying a potential business, through the valuation and negotiation process and finally to completion of the legal documentation.


1) Buying a Business in Scotland – The Search Function

Often one of the most time consuming aspects of buying a business is finding one in the first place – and you can spend hours trawling the internet trying to find a property that matches your criteria. However, our new buy a business search function is simple to use and cuts out a lot of the leg work, meaning it’s now even easier to buy a business with Jocob & Jones Business Transfer.


2)  Email Alert for Buying a Business in Scotland

Scottish businesses for sale come onto the market all the time, but once you’ve started the process of buying a business you don’t want to have to return to our website every day to check for updates or new properties. Instead, you can sign up to our email alerts, which will notify you instantly every time a new business for sale comes onto the market that matches your criteria. You’ll also be notified when any confidential business come onto the market, putting you ahead of other buyers.


3) Arrange a Viewing for business to buy

When you come across any businesses you’d like to view, just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll arrange a viewing of the business for you. We’ll also provide you with any additional information we can.

4) Offer Negotiation & Valuation when your buying your business
handle any negotiations, feeding back to you along the way. We offer an independent business valuation service which ensures you won’t pay more than required.
As you know, buying a business will often require financial backing, and we can help with that too. You will also usually require a solicitor, and if you don’t have one already we can suggest a number of approved and recommended solicitors that you may wish to consider.

5) Completion for buying your business

Once your offer has been accepted we’ll be on hand throughout the entire process, keeping you updated at all times. We’ll work closely with all parties: you, the vendor, and both sets of solicitors to ensure a smooth, successful and rewarding completion.


Buying a Business in Scotland