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Category Archives: Blog Features

Advice and tips on selling your business

Don’t hold onto your business longer than you should. Whether or not it’s profitable, it might be time to get out. In small business, it’s not that winners never quit. Rather,winners know when and how to get out at the right time. Making a change is always tougher than the status quo. Most owners …

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Should I buy a company car?

One of the most frequently asked questions from new business owners is…  Should I buy a company car or should I buy a car personally? We asked our in-house accountants what their view was and they gave us 7 reasons why NOT to buy through a company. We hope this helps… The main reasons …

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3 reasons why the mansion tax is such a bad idea!

Plans for a mansion tax have frightened buyer and sellers whose homes are around £2m or above, but unfortunately the effects will hit not only those in that price bracket. So why is the tax such a bad idea? We’ll where do I start???? 1) Firstly, its a double tax. Most people have already …

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Buy to Let tax saving tips

Essential Buy to Let Tax Saving Tips Thinking of investing in a buy to let property? Make sure you consider these tax saving tips & make an even more handsome return on your investment. 1 – Remember your 10% wear & tear allowance. You calculate this as 10% of your rental income and enter …

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Business Grants for existing & new businesses in Glasgow

As business transfer agents, Jacob and Jones are constantly trying to give our clients up to date and useful information on how to fund and manage their business.  In this blog, we will describe a number of Business Grants available in the Glasgow area. Finding a business for sale is the first and easiest …

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Capital Gains Tax? Download Tax calculators here!

Anyone thinking of buying or selling a business in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or anywhere else in central Scotland should consider potential is tax implications. A&A Accounting have launched a free app with tax tables, capital gains calculators and other useful tools to assist you when buying or selling a business.  Download for free by following …

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why can’t I sell my business ?

Here are the 5 most common reason why people can’t sell their business. 1) Setting an unrealistic valuation for your business 2) Believing your business will sell in a couple of months 3) Attempting to sell your business via an “advert only” website 4) Being unable to provide accurate or up-to-date accounts 5) Not …

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How to sell my business in Scotland

In this blog, we will ask answer the question “how to sell my business in Scotland”. There are may reasons why you may be considering selling your business. If you’ve been planning the sale for sometime, possibly because of retirement, then you’re in a good position as you can sit down and work out …

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